Our People

Whenever I think about business in a structured or strategic way, I always start and end my train of thought with people: customers, staff, suppliers, townsfolk – it all comes down to the people we serve, the people who serve, the people who serve us, and the community as a whole.

Community is very important at the Star. We support each other in the kitchen and the front of house. There are no rivalries between the back and front; we all know we work for the customer. Time spent on petty rivalries, bickering and other negative behaviour does not serve the customer.

We have each other’s backs. We take responsibility for our own missteps, and help correct those of others. We say please and thank you. We smile and laugh. We give credit where credit is due.

Hiring staff is a daunting task, especially in a small town. While skills are important, we believe attitude is the deciding factor in choosing employees. We can teach a person how to do the job, but it’s tough to change a person’s attitude.

It’s a well-known fact: happy people make good food. It is common to hear peals of laughter coming from the kitchen during service, sometimes so boisterous that they have to tone it down. It makes the whole team happy when we hear the kitchen enjoying themselves. In the front, we have to be more restrained, but can still have a smile and a laugh with customers where appropriate.

Even though getting along with each other makes for a good work environment, our relationship with our customers is the most important, both at work and in the community. Without your support, we do not exist. That means we need to serve you as well as we possibly can: the best food, the best service, the best environment possible. We work hard to do that every day.

Part of providing good service is listening to what you have to say and acting on your advice and criticism. When we ask you how your meal is, we really want to know. We make sure to pass on positive comments, but we also pass on criticism. Without your feedback, we can only guess what’s working and what isn’t.

The long and the short of it is, for us, business begins and ends with people. Thank you for being our people. We look forward to serving you for years to come and hope to see you soon.