Thank you

For the last 12-1/2 years, Dave and I have cared for and loved this grand old building, an icon built of stone that carries the history of our community in its walls. At the end of October we will hand its stewardship over to the next owner, who we believe will respect and care for it as much as we have. We are pleased to have played a part in the legacy of 32 Pacific Avenue, and we feel proud to leave it in better shape than we found it in. Our last day of service will be October 17. We then will cater the SPRA conference, and close the doors finally on October 20.

Those of you who know me know I like a story that carries historic symmetry at its core. 32 Pacific Avenue started out in 1898 as Hewitt Drugs, and now, 120 years later, it returns to its roots and completes the circle, as a drug store of a different kind. The more things change...

So come in and eat some food, raise a glass and bring your gift certificates if you have them. It's been a great run, thanks to you all.
Tina and Dave