It’s been a long time since I have written in this blog – probably a year or so – not that I haven’t had things to say, but more that I lost the passion to write.


I have been so consumed with the head-above-water stuff that I forgot what makes my life shine: family, food and feeding people, writing, gardening, heritage preservation, and wool work.

For me, success doesn’t come from money or material things, but from living a full and interesting life. I have enough food, a house to live in, and businesses that serve people’s needs. I have a loving husband and business partner, a great bunch of kids and grandkids, the beauty of my garden, a committed team of talented staff, and I live a creative life.

I just got too busy putting one foot in front of the other and finding the money to keep the businesses open to remember why I chose this life in the first place.

A couple of things have reminded me of my passion. The first was the support and endorsement of a special friend of mine. She makes my life shine and I enjoy every moment spent with her. She holds me up and cheers me on. I try to return the favor.

Another contributing factor to getting my passion back is the recent recognition my husband and I received. We recently got word that we had been given the 2017 Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Architectural Rehabilitation for our work on 130 and 132 Jasper Street, formerly the Rex Café properties. Those who know me know my passion for preserving old buildings, and this recognition gave me a boost. As Sally Field so aptly put it, “They like me, they really like me.”

This winter and spring, I have been attending Connie and Geoff Phillips’ Paint Night every month. While I will never be a Rembrandt, I have rediscovered my love of form and colour and overcome my fear of failure thanks to their positive, cheerful leadership. This success has encouraged me to finish a couple of rugs I have been stalling on, and now to write this.

chicken parm burger.jpg

At the Star, we follow our passion for creating memorable customer experience. Chef Joel leads the kitchen and Erin leads the front-of-house team to make sure your service, food and experience meet your expectations. We cook good food and serve it well in a beautiful room.

Our passion is food, and our customers are the stars.